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First: This preamp can be used with Mark I and Mark II whether it being a Stage Piano or a Suitcase model.

The Rhodes Suitcase Preamp is based on FERRO, our standalone preamp for all vintage keys. It comes with a Rhodes-typical 2-band Baxandall-EQ, a switchable lowpassfilter as well as an optical stereo-tremolo with switchable modulation waveforms.

Furthermore we have integrated a powerful DSP with a total of eight effects. This enhances the musical possibilities greatly.

The Rhodes Suitcase Preamp was made as a “drop-in”-replacement for Rhodes Suitcase Pianos and so it needs a power supply. If you want to use this preamp with your Mark II stage-piano we are offering SideTwix . SideTwix is a power supply for all 5-pin preamps. It comes with a headphone amp as well.

Option MARK I Suitcase: Preamp, Mirror Namerail ((FENDER)RHODES logo is not included), wooden rail

Option MARK II Suitcase: Preamp, Faceplate

Option MARK I Stage-Piano Conversion Kit: Preamp, Mirror Namerail ((FENDER)RHODES logo is not included), wooden rail, Rhodes Preamp PSU, 5p Suitcase Cable

Option MARK II Stage-Piano Conversion Kit: Preamp, Faceplate, Rhodes Preamp PSU, 5p Suitcase Cable


NOTICE: For the MARK I Suitcase Preamp you might need to modify the harp cover. Please measure the cutout in the lid before placing your order. If the cutout measures about 42,5cm, the Suitcase Preamp fits without modification. If it measures only about 35cm, you need to extend the cutout accordingly.

Owners manual:

Suitcase Preamp GER
Suitcase Preamp ENG

1 review for Rhodes Suitcase Preamp

  1. Lars Olav Berg

    Hi again, how is it if I install your new preamp in my Mark2 suitcase? I will buy a Stage kit from Vintage Vibe so I don´t need to use the speaker cabinet on stage. Will the new preamp work with Stage kit from Vintage Vibe? Maybe you also selling this kit including pedal to? See link and let me know. I also looking for a stand I can use like what they are selling on the new MK8 in silver. https://www.vintagevibe.com/products/fender-rhodes-suitcase-to-stage-conversion-kit
    regards Lars

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