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The new Fender Rhodes Preamp!

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Here it is: The new Preamp for your Fender Rhodes Piano. FERRO captures the famous suitcase-sound from the late 60s and 70s and transforms it into the 21st century. FERRO is easy to install into every Rhodes stage piano and converts it into a highly inspiring instrument. Unleash the potential of your Rhodes Piano with FERRO Made in Germany !

FERRO creates the desired sound of the Peterson-Preamp and adds unique features like a 2-band Baxandall-EQ, a variable lowpassfilter, an optical stereo-tremolo with switchable waveforms and a powerful headphone amp.

More features of FERRO are:

  • Matched input impedance
  • HF filter on the audio input
  • LowNoise circuit design & LowNoise opamps
  • Powersupply filtered multiple times

The power supply is included.

We have just announced that FERRO is finally available as standalone version which will be our standard version. Just place it on top of your Rhodes, plug it in and start playing. The housing is made from stainless steel Made in Germany.

We also offer FERRO pre-assembled with a mirror-namerail (see picture above or videos). You don't have to mess around with drilling your namerail. Just remove your namerail, install the new one, plug in the RCA and enjoy. The mirror namerail is mounted on black wood.
Hint: The namerail logo is not included. You could use the logo from your old namerail.

Send us your namerail and we install FERRO for you without additional costs.

3 reviews for FERRO Vorverstärker

  1. Matt

    Finally got my Ferro yesterday & I absolutely love it. I absolutely love this thing on my Stage so far. I’ll run it through its paces on the Valente this weekend. Seriously though, I’m stoked!
    I’ve spent the last couple years working on my Rhodes on and off, redoing a bunch of the internals and trying out a ton of different DIs, compressors, limiters, trems, and a ton of other stuff in pursuit of The Right Signal Chain, and I think this finally solved the pre side of things for good.

  2. Tonewheels (verified owner)

    I bought the standalone version so as not to modify the front and to be able to move it and use it on several pianos. I plug it directly into the harp of my Fender Rhodes 1973 because I prefer the sound. But it also works very well connected to the passive output. The headphone jack is a good idea. With the pan tremolo you immediately have the stereo that accompanies the effect. I have the Steely Dan sound I’m looking for. The filters are very effective and subtle. No noise, no hum !! The sound is perfectly clean but retains the typical harmonics of Rhodes. This is really a great preamp, very well designed, that doesn’t need anything else to sound great. I do not regret my purchase and if I had to do it again I would buy it. The Tines & Reeds service is very responsive and helpful. Bravo for this achievement.

  3. Ralph PIP (verified owner)

    Das MARK I (1977) klingt über den FERRO sehr sauber. Kein unnötiges Rauschen, ausgewogener Sound.

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