Tone Bar Grommet Kit

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The installation of new grommets is a Must-Do when it comes to a Rhodes restoration. Hard and worn out grommets are responsible for many issues starting with bad sustain, unwanted overtones and sloppy tone bars. Cure your Rhodes with new grommets!

For achieving an equal voicing throughout the keybed and a tight fit between grommet and tone bar it is very important, that the screw and the grommet are working together perfectly. We are using, unlike other manufacturers, full-threaded screws which reduces the touch-zone between screw and grommet to a minimum but leaves the tone bar with a tight fit. This decouples the tone bar nicely and it can oscillate freely.

Furthermore the hardness of our grommets is a perfect match! They are generally a tad softer than others.

Last but not least our screws are made from stainless steel. This gives you the original look!

Our grommets are made in Hamburg, Germany! 


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